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Getting Back to Beautiful
There's Beauty In the Breakdown
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20th-Dec-2008 08:37 pmPurple Bunnies
So, my life has been much to boring these past few months. nothing has happened. Like at all. But, hey! WINTER BREAK!!!! YAY! Now if only my friends weren't all busy! :/ huh. boredom has struck. I'm restless. I'm sick of boredom. I have donr ABSOLUTLY nothing all day. Ugh. I hate nothing days. They are so unproductive. My puppy just got fixed, and he is miserable. poor baby. he's pitiful! and they had to shave one of his legs for the IV and it looks like he got poodled! :(
4th-Oct-2008 10:23 pm - Laaaaaa!!!!!
So... besides getting back to JESUS, finishing Driver's ed and reclaiming my saturdays, deciding that my "real guy" was not so real, having a totally HUGE fight with my parental units(John and Sonja) and contemplating moving in with Ethan, but deciding against it cause i would get even less sleep cause we'd be up at like, 4 in the morning singing christmas carols in the middle of october, and joining an absolutely FABULOUS church... every thing is just the same. :P  Life is cruel and harsh and unbending and the cosmos are totaly set against me for ever, but hey.

I just want to ride. I wanna hop in my dad's convertible, put on like, Dance Gavin Dance, Pale Young Gentlemen or Vampire Weekend and cruise until i end up somewhere: no money, no planning, just GOING.

And if I wouldn't be arrested for GTA i might. :P sigh....
OMG!  Summer Math Packets = DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!
As well as Siddartha... Gawd, did I hate that book! Sorry, Herman, but UGH! 

So, yeah, I stayed up til three working on the math packet so i could go see The Mummy numero tres today with Josey and Stephen, but I'll probably just fall asleep. :( School is going to KILL me this year! I have AP World, and soccer, and piano, and TA's, and Model UN! and that's just what I'm doing all year. Factor in driving, or trying to, as well as commuting to see my best freind, and you have doom. YAY! *falls over twitching*

On a bright note: I'm fixing my hair today! YAY! :P

1st-Aug-2008 11:09 pm - G.I. Joe 2009
So.... am I totally lame for being excited as mess that this will be coming out???? Cuz if so, SUE ME! Dude, I sooooo can't wait for this movie!!!! It's almost as exciting as The Mummy Tomb of the Dragin Emporer!!!!! :D  AAAAAHHHHH!

Yeah, I loved G.I Joes as a kid. THAT'S who my Barbies kicked it with: not that wimpy Ken!!!! Yeah, While everyone elses Barbie's went to like, THE MALL, mine went on Covert OPs w/ G.I Joe, USUALLY wearing an extra pair of camo pants. Yeah, my Barbies were hardcore... Especially the one I called Mohawk Barbie... SHE was cool. I ripped out the earings of one of them and turned one into her nose stud, and then I gave her a Mohawk... Blue if I remeber corectlly...

ANYWAYS!!!!!! I can't wait for this movie!!!!!!!!!



Also, Brendan Fraiser is Gung Ho.... SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God, he's such the best!!!!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::So in Honor of the bestest ever(plus, I absolutely LOVED this book!!!!!)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

30th-Jul-2008 10:26 am - Crack Post #1
UGH! can't I sleep until 1pm again???? I had to like, get up... before noon! X(

So, THIS muh lovlies, is a CRACK post, a post that seems like it was written my a cracked out caffenated Abby Scuito. So humor the jumpage of topics :P! 

So, my favorite part of  10 Things I Hate About You  besides, you know, Heath Ledger, is when Scrawny Skinny Boy says "We're Screwed(dejectedly)" and then FBLA Man is all like "I don't want to hear that defeated attitude from you!" so SSB goes "We're Screwed(in a creepishly accurate Paris Hilton sex tape kind of voice... OMG he's PsYcHiC)" and then FBLAM is all "That's the SPIRIT!*thumps back of SSB*" But really, it's just Heath Ledger. :P 

So... That 70's Show.... WHY doesn't Donna just DUMP Eric's scrawny butt (for real, as in "I aint gonna take you back, foo!") and move on to a guy who has at least LESS of a tendancy to stick his foot in his mouth(and chew it up and swallow)  because seriously, HOW many episodes are based around Eric saying something dumb that Donna wants to kick his butt for, until he redeems himself/ her mom says they won't actually stay together???? Like every one except for the ones which revolve around Kitty having MAJOR menopause issues!  Seriously, WHY is it so dang funny????  Couldn't they have come up with  a new plot line for ONE FrEaKiNg EPISODE?  And yet, we always go back for more... must be Hyde... I love that guy!

Which brings be to potheads... Potheads make me laugh. I mean, they just kinda... get overly happy, and stare at stuff. HA! Yeah,  no. 

Speaking of Potheads, I LOVE PAULY PERRETTE!!!!! :P Seriously, she made the NCIS episodes, her and Michael Weatherly.  :D God, I still love Season One, when Kate is singing in the shower, and Tony Randomly Chimes in and scares the CRAP out of her!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THREE DAYS TIL BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EEEEEEEP! God, for those of you who haven't read the quotes, go, read them!!!! Bella asking about Vampire Bachelor Parties is muh fave !!!!!!! STILLL not excited about the movie, because I will NOT be going to see it, that way when I read the book I won't have Cedric Diggory(seriously, I don't  even know the dudes real name, he's cedric!.... WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means that.... that.... The Avada Kedavra curse turn you into a hot vampire.... and that makes Carlisle Voldemort b/c he turned Edward...... WEIRD!!!!!! Also.... Jacob Black-Werewolf must be love child of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.... GOD how do you tell you're parents you're a gay weref\wolf, with a randomly indian son???? O.o OMG this parenthetical side note is seriously *siriusly* disturbing!) pop up in my mind.  

Harry Potter....segways tooooooooooo......

NEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, check out his youtube, lots of fairly recent stuff. 

YouTube....... segways tooooooooooooooo......

OLD GREG!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! How frickin' creepy is that?!? I had nightmares, like for real!

Yeah... nuf of that. *bored* 

Response 2 Message:

KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I MISSSSSH YOU TOOOOO! .___. But hey, my parents are gonna let me *finally* get my license.... like sometime b4 Christmas, and you are *almost* old enough to override you're parents anyway... so, yeah. We'll commute! :P 

A'iight! Lata Playas!!!!
*no! eet ees LATTE!!!! not LAYTA! LATTEEEEEE!!!!*(luh you J!)

  1. Animal Instinct by The Cranberries  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbhbBcWxD4M
  2. Goodbye by  Save Ferris  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN8UN9PhpVY
  3. Don't Speak by No Doubt  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=welnlg3svTw
  4. Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my3yP-w3rtw
  5. Matinee by Hurts to Purr  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0m2CYxDhfY
  6. Where Is My Love by Cat Power http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8R0eoGO7Gw
  7. Sleeping Dogs by Madeline Adams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEDmu6VvY_4

I’m on a kick about women who sing like nobody’s business! :P I love Frontswomen. Don’t get me wrong, a Hot Vocalist Man is just awesome, but a Hardcore Female Vocalist pwns. :P  So, yeah, the light yellow italics are links, yah know... if you didn't get that. alright! BYE!!!!

26th-Jul-2008 11:02 pm - Dead Man Walking

<Have You Seen This Man?
This is Matthew Marsden. You MAY know him as School Boy(Rambo IV) or Slater(Resident Evil Extinction) or possibly Max (DOA). I however, noticed him in NCIS ep. Dead Man Walking.  His acting technique is remarkable. I'm usually rather involved in the shows I watch, but never to the pint I forget that they're... well, SHOWS. but with Marsden, I found myself forgetting that this guy was NOT actually dying from radiation poisoning, and was, in fact, living a nice healthy life. He was phenomenal! I watche clips from Resident Evil and Rasmbo, and his technique just carried right over... he takes on the charactwer to the point you really DO associate that attitude with him. Yet his parts were so conflicting! God, this dude goes from a playboy theif, to a sensitive, dying lieutenant, to an ex Special Forces sniper. Yeah, can't WAIT to see what's up next.

24th-Jul-2008 12:15 pm - So Much To Do...

So, again, I have been hanging out w/ Ashley (and Stephen, who was feeling rather left out). Tuesday we went to the Milltown Thrift Shop and goofed off, waiting to go to the Recruitment Party @ Cason's.... relative's house? I think. ANYWAY! While we were at the thrift shop, Ashley decided to start talking like a five year old, and while we were on the way out, these lady's got really freaked out by her and started to like, run away, which casused us to bust out laughing. Then we decided to get rather lost on the way to Cason's.... relative's house?  And we had to keep calling my mom, because Ashley is completly challenged in the directions area. :D After the party, we (me and ash and stephen) all went to Ashley's house to swim. I'm pretty sure we dunked Stephen about three hundred times! That poor child... he has zero fat on his body to help hold him abovethe water! :P 

And in between all of that was Art Camp! Today we are painting fish... as in literally putting paint on a dead fish. It smells AWFUL!!!!!!!!! We are making their t-shirts with fish prints on them. I'd show you what I'm Talking about, BUT i don't have my Camera.... my dad's fixing it. 

ANYWHOOOOOOOO! Time to get back to Art Camp! Lata, Playas!!!!!!!

22nd-Jul-2008 12:40 pm - Art Camp & JudyBugs

So, yeah. i'm helping out with this art camp at church, and gosh, the kids are so... idk, they act just like a bunch of teenagers! They can totally deadpan a phrase and they crack me up when they act all sarcastic! Little kids used to not get sarcasm... Look at what Hannah Montana has done to the world! God, WHAT a freakin' menace! Anyway, It was cool, it gave me something to do. 

I made Ethan drive me to the theater yesterday,  and he was all grouchy about it. Then Ashley and I went and played chess(how lame, I know.) at JudyBug's. God, there are some FREAKIN old books in there! It's really cool though! 

At Fountain City Coffee, Ashley asked what was in a Choclate Cherry freezer, and the lady goes... "Ummmm... Choclate... and Cherry?!?!) It was SOOOO funny! Yeah, you had to be there! God, though, it was so fun! We're going to the Antique mall today! :D YAY!!!! god, we are kinda nerdy, huh?

20th-Jul-2008 08:46 pm - B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BATMAN!!!!

So, yeah, I saw Batman... Friday night, i guess. IT OWNED!!!!  Seriously, I watched it with Stephen and Ashley, and Stephen kept telling us to SHUT UP even though he'd already seen it. Ashley and I were sitting there like : "Oh, wait, what? Hey, Stephen, what does that guy do? Is he Good, Bad, or Civilian? Oh, My, Gosh! What a hottie! Hey, you can totally tell that's Heath Ledger!" LOL! Stephen was just like... Well, Either amused or annoyed. I couldn't tell. And then Ashley and I kept freaking out at inappropriate times and I think at one point, I squealed. :D And I was either using Stephen or Ashley to bury my face in ever time Two Face showed up. By this time, of course, Ashley had decide we should all cross hands cause she was scared. I kept like, hitting myself in the eye with peoples hands cause i got freaked out(by the music, mostly. It was very... misleading.) Anyway, it was fun. Then we drove down to B&N and We were playin the game where you look at Children's Books, an add In Bed at the end of each one. I think we scared some little kids, cause we were like: "LOL!!! Look at this one, look at this one!" the whole time. And then Stephen found the MOST disturbing childrens toy ever... it was this little kid with these prongs coming out of it's head! I looked for it online... but i didn't find it. Oh well! 

So yeah, Ashley and I are hanging tomorrow, so something hilarious is bound to happen! 


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