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Getting Back to Beautiful
There's Beauty In the Breakdown
A Special Request 
7th-Jul-2009 06:36 pm

I tried to update last night., but my computer hates me! :P Here's last night's post.

:::My Life:::

Well, this summer's been pretty hectic lately... coulda been worse. And as luck would have it, the ex-boy-of-my-dreams is now in love with me... I felt sooooo bad, too, cause I basically just was like "oh, that's sweet. Look @ the time(5:30am)! GOd, well, I really should be goin now. We'll chat later! Mkay, bye now!" and then of course I felt kind of aweful... Kind of ironic really... 

Anyway, update on SP: It's been AWESOME so far! I got a Nikon D60, & the picture quality is amazing! I took pics of fireworks on the fourth... they looked so awesome! I'll link you to my deviantART account to check out my fave pics so far!

:::The Request:::
Pauley Perrette brought up a really awesome point on her YouTube channel... Watch it, respond, post it, share it.   Here's Pauley's video:

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